Taqueria 1785: UGA's First Food Truck

The newest addition to UGA’s array of dining services is the brand new food truck, Taqueria 1785. Food trucks provide a convenient meal option for those who are on campus but may not be near a dining or retail location. After partnering with the Student Government Association, initiating conversations with students and an informal survey, Dining Services began to explore the idea of having a food truck on campus. Based on the results from the survey and student feedback, tacos were a favorite concept for the new food truck. Recently, a decision was made to introduce the first food truck to the UGA community. Find the food truck on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Coffee and Bagels opens on South Campus

Caribou Coffee and Einstein Bros Bagels (Coffee & Bagels) is now open in the Science Learning Center on Carlton Street. The new eatery offers knock-your-socks-off coffee creations and fresh baked bagels with got-to-have-it shmear to students, faculty, staff, and visitors of south campus. As with most of the retail outlets on campus, the University of Georgia owns and operates this location which is the first ever combined Caribou Coffee and Einstein Bros Bagels on a university campus. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. The location accepts cash, credit and debit cards, Bulldog Bucks, and Paw Points.

Niche Pizza Co.

Hearth oven pizza is coming to the Tate Student Center. Food Services is expanding the Niche pizza brand from the Health Sciences Campus to Bulldog Cafe in response to student feedback for improved retail options. The location will feature hearth oven pizza, flavorful gelato, and natural sodas. Natural sodas are made with 100% fruit juice, fresh herbs, and carbonated water. They provide a fresh and lower sugar option to regular sodas. The project is expected to be completed during the Spring 2016 semester.

New Student Golf Rates

Students can enjoy golfing at a new rate for the 2015-16 academic year. The UGA Golf Course reduced the student rate in an effort to highlight the importance of student participation at the golf course and fulfill their mission to the University.

The UGA Golf Course, located on Riverbend Road, is an 18-hole course that provides affordable, first-rate facilities and services to students, staff, faculty, alumni and the general public. University of Georgia students, faculty, staff and alumni can enjoy discounted rates on a regular basis while the general public can take advantage of multi-play discount cards.

The student walking rates were reduced to $19.50 for weekdays, $26.50 for weekends and $14.50 for 9 holes. The riding rates were changed to $34.50 for weekdays, $41.50 for weekends and $22.50 for 9 holes.

The UGA Golf Course provides various opportunities during the year to make the most out of a customer’s golfing experience. Throughout the week, the UGA Golf Course has special events for their customers to participate in such as Ladies’ Day on Monday evenings and the Faculty/Staff League which plays Tuesday evenings.  Additionally, the Golf Course hosts weekly Dawgfight tournaments every Saturday, which are stableford style events open to everyone.

The G-Pass program allows for golf course customers to purchase multiple rounds of golf at a discount. G-Pass rounds can be redeemed on weekends, weekdays and holidays. Memberships are also available for non-students and students for each semester.

Tee time reservations can be made 1 – 7 days in advance by calling the golf shop at (706) 369-5739 or using the online tee time reservation system located at golfcourse.uga.edu. Reservations more than two weeks in advance may be made via the golf course’s online store. 

For a full list of golf rates, visit http://www.golfcourse.uga.edu/

New Commuter Meal Plans

University of Georgia Food Services has new meal plan options available to the campus community for the 2015-16 academic year. Block plans with 65-80 meals per semester in the dining commons and Paw Points redeemable at any UGA Food Services location, including retail cafes, eateries and vending, will be available for $1,796 to $2,802 for the academic year.

The decision to create new options came from a growing need to provide more meal plan choices for commuter students, faculty and staff.

"The University of Georgia's dining program is nationally renowned for its exceptional quality and innovation," UGA President Jere W. Morehead said. "I am pleased that commuter students, faculty and staff will now be able to enjoy a wide variety of dining options on campus through meal plans that are tailored to their needs."

Food Services gained support from UGA Student Affairs to implement new plans and worked with the Webb Foodservice Design consulting group to evaluate the dining program. A campus-wide survey of students, faculty and staff showed customers were seeking more variety and a plan geared toward commuters.

"Many off-campus students came to us asking for a lunch-only plan," said Bryan Varin, interim director of UGA Food Services. "The block plan gives even more flexibility by providing them with meals to use throughout the semester. They are not limited to lunch only. If they find themselves on campus during other meal periods, they are still able to eat in our dining commons or retail locations."

Additionally, the division created two new residential dining plans by adding Paw Points to the pre-existing seven-day and five-day all-access meal plans. Paw Points, where one Paw Point is redeemable for $1 worth of food from campus eateries and vending, can be used for snacks.

"The survey gave us a lot of valuable information regarding dining preferences. We plan to use that information as a guide for bringing different retail options to campus in the future," Varin said.

"We have been eager to see more flexibility for students in on-campus dining options, and we are thrilled with these new options," said Victor Wilson, vice president for student affairs. Students spend a great amount of time each day on campus, and dining is an excellent way for them to engage with each other and with the institution."

"We are pleased to acknowledge the collaborative effort of the Student Government Association, Student Affairs and our own Food Services Division in making these new meal plan options a reality," said Ryan Nesbit, vice president for finance and administration. "These plans give our students, faculty and staff greater flexibility to dine in one of our five outstanding dining halls, grab a meal to-go in our retail locations or enjoy a quick snack."

More information on the commuter block plans is listed below. The new plans are currently available and can be obtained online at foodservice.uga.edu.


Available to off-campus students, faculty and staff only

80 Block Plan with 665 Paw Points/semester - 80 meals per semester in UGA Food Services dining commons plus 665 Paw Points per semester to be used at any UGA Food Services location or vending. The academic year 2015-16 purchase price is $2,802 ($1,401/semester).

80 Block Plan with 255 Paw Points/semester - 80 meals per semester in UGA Food Services dining commons plus 255 Paw Points per semester to be used at any UGA Food Services location or vending. The academic year 2015-16 purchase price is $1,982 ($991/semester).

65 Block Plan with 300 Paw Points/semester - 65 meals per semester in UGA Food Services dining commons plus 300 Paw Points per semester to be used at any UGA Food Services location or vending. The academic year 2015-16 purchase price is $1,796 ($898/semester).

Where's My Bus?

“Where’s my bus?”  Students can find the answer to that question thanks to the RouteShout mobile app. RouteShout helps students, faculty, and visitors to the University of Georgia find their way around campus quicker and easier than ever before.  Available free to Apple and Android users, RouteShout quickly locates UGA buses around campus and allows users to search by a specific bus route or location to see all buses coming to a particular bus stop. Additionally, RouteShout will notify users of the predicted arrival time of UGA buses as well as provide route updates as needed.

RouteShout Desktop Version

iPhone or iPad

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