All Circle of Excellence Winners

Circle of Excellence Winners 2019

Individual Awards

Jacob Jordan - Dining Services
Jimmy Lambert - Dining Services
Katrina Lasalle - Campus Transit
Shaquavia Bell - Campus Transit
Trudy Lane - Dining Services

Student of Excellence

Dallas Boswell - Parking Services

Team Awards

Campus Transit
Mike Cosby
Charlton Scott
Nick Little
Bryan Fuller
Jason Robinson
Stephen Moss
John Benedit
Tige Oglesby
Chris Little

Campus Catering - Dining Services
Jessica Rogers
Candice Barron
Brandis Parrott
Naomi Sidlow
Madison McDearis
Ashley McBride-Espinoza

Circle of Excellence Winners 2018

New Student of Excellence Award

Marlo Sommers

Team Awards

Transportation & Parking
Jeff Arthur
Jeremy Skates
Eddie Solsberry
Sara Tomblin
Larry Starkey

Dining & Information Technology
Anoush Ebrahimi
Dustin Serpa
Wisdom Attipoe
Mike Bird

Individual Awards

Mike Oats - Coffee & Bagels
Lisa Bradshaw - Dining Services
Nacha Davis - Campus Transit
Craig Smolenski - The Niche Pizza Company
Melony Smith - Campus Transit
Andrew Cropp - The Niche Pizza Company
Katie Scoggins - Campus Transit

Circle of Excellence Winner 2017

Hilda Butler - Dining Services
Teresa Cash - Dining Services
Lauren Corcino - Auxiliary Marketing Services
Maggie Montana - Campus Transit
Jesus Ozuna - Dining Services
Nelson Reynolds - Parking Services
Clint Udell - Golf Course
Panda Express: Michelle Faulkenberry, Lisa Fonseca, Zariana Georgieva, Ellen Hansen, Jessica Jones, Carmen Wan

Circle of Excellence Winner 2016

Allison Brannen - Auxiliary Services Marketing
Steven Holloway - Campus Transit
Max Grant - UGA Dining Services
Patricia Ross - UGA Parking Services
Cassandra Elder - Parking Services
Golf Team Award: Dustin Bucher, Scott Griffith, John Inglett, Brandon Kirk, Micky Wilson, Will Woodruff

Circle of Excellence Winners - 2015

Ginger Nix - Auxiliary IT
Joy King - Auxiliary Services
Shasta Meeler - Campus Transit
John Funderburk - Food Services
Stuart Hammond - Food Services
Christine Eberhart - Parking Services
Charlton Scott - Parking Services

Circle of Excellence Winners - 2014

Jeff Arthur, Bus Operations Supervisor - Campus Transit
Kevin Booth, Pro Shop Manager - Golf Course 
Anthony Brown, Parking Services Supervisor - Parking Services
Gregg Hudson, Cafeteria Manager I - Food Services
Rick Marr, Pre-Press and Production Coordinator - UGA Printing
Mary Parrish, Baker I - Food Services 
Anna Reynolds, Administrative Assistant II - Parking Services

Circle of Excellence Winners - 2013

Will Woodroof, Grounds Keeper II – Golf Course 
Clayton Cooper, Offset Press Operator IV – Printing Department
Stacia Fink, Human Resources Assistant III - Food Services
Tysen Dedufour, Electronics Technician III - Parking Services
Leanne Fouche, Senior Parking Services Monitor – Parking Services



Jacob Jordan with award.

Circle of Excellence 2019 Individual Award winner Jacob Jordan, Dining Services.


Jimmy Lambert and award.Circle of Excellence 2019 Individual Award winner Jimmy Lambert, Dining Services.


Katrina Lasalle with award.Circle of Excellence 2019 Individual Award winner Katrina Lasalle, Campus Transit.


Shaquavia Bell with award.Circle of Excellence 2019 Individual Award winner Shaquavia Bell, Campus Transit.


Trudy Lane with award.Circle of Excellence 2019 Individual Award winner Trudy Lane, Dining Services.


Dallas Boswell with award.Circle of Excellence 2019 Student of Excellence award winner Dallas Boswell, Parking Services.


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