Circle of Excellence Winners 2018

Mike Oats - Coffee & Bagels
Lisa Bradshaw - Dining Services
Nacha Davis - Campus Transit
Craig Smolenski - The Niche Pizza Company
Melony Smith - Campus Transit
Andrew Cropp - The Niche Pizza Company
Katie Scoggins - Campus Transit

Circle of Excellence Winner 2017

Hilda Butler - Dining Services
Teresa Cash - Dining Services
Lauren Corcino - Auxiliary Marketing Services
Maggie Montana - Campus Transit
Jesus Ozuna - Dining Services
Nelson Reynolds - Parking Services
Clint Udell - Golf Course
Panda Express: Michelle Faulkenberry, Lisa Fonseca, Zariana Georgieva, Ellen Hansen, Jessica Jones, Carmen Wan

Circle of Excellence Winner 2016

Allison Brannen - Auxiliary Services Marketing
Steven Holloway - Campus Transit
Max Grant - UGA Dining Services
Patricia Ross - UGA Parking Services
Cassandra Elder - Parking Services
Golf Team Award: Dustin Bucher, Scott Griffith, John Inglett, Brandon Kirk, Micky Wilson, Will Woodruff

Circle of Excellence Winners - 2015

Ginger Nix - Auxiliary IT
Joy King - Auxiliary Services
Shasta Meeler - Campus Transit
John Funderburk - Food Services
Stuart Hammond - Food Services
Christine Eberhart - Parking Services
Charlton Scott - Parking Services

Circle of Excellence Winners - 2014

Jeff Arthur, Bus Operations Supervisor - Campus Transit
Kevin Booth, Pro Shop Manager - Golf Course
Anthony Brown, Parking Services Supervisor - Parking Services
Gregg Hudson, Cafeteria Manager I - Food Services
Rick Marr, Pre-Press and Production Coordinator - UGA Printing
Mary Parrish, Baker I - Food Services
Anna Reynolds, Administrative Assistant II - Parking Services

Circle of Excellence Winners - 2013

Will Woodroof, Grounds Keeper II – Golf Course
Clayton Cooper, Offset Press Operator IV – Printing Department
Stacia Fink, Human Resources Assistant III - Food Services
Tysen Dedufour, Electronics Technician III - Parking Services
Leanne Fouche, Senior Parking Services Monitor – Parking Services